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Lasting power of attorney

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document that enables you to appoint one or more people to help you make decisions or to make decisions on your behalf.

There are two types of LPA: 
– health and welfare
– property and financial affairs

You can choose to make one or both of these.

Why make a lasting power of attorney?

Let's say an accident or illness leaves you unable to make or carry out your own decisions and actions in relation to your health or finances. A lasting power of attorney means those decisions and actions will be made and/or carried out by one or more people you've appointed. People you trust. For example, if you're unable to sign a legal document, your attorneys can sign it on your behalf.

You may also need a lasting power of attorney if you're unable to take care of your financial affairs for a limited period of time, for example if you're abroad.

Anyone can make an LPA for themselves using the Government's online service. However, many people don't feel comfortable about the form filling and administration involved, which include making sure that any individual preferences are worded correctly and that a strict sequence of signing and witnessing the LPA/s is adhered to.

As a qualified and experienced will writer, I can handle all the form filling, administration and drafting involved on your behalf, providing you with finished documents and clear instructions for signing. This makes things easy and gives you complete peace of mind that your LPA/s have been made and registered properly.

The cost is £95 per LPA (property/financial affairs and/or health and welfare). 

Discounted rates are available for couples making mirror LPAs at the same time:
Spouses or partners making one LPA each: £175
Spouses or partners making two LPAs each: £300

In addition, there are court registration fees of £82 per LPA ie a total of £164 for both health and welfare and property/financial affairs LPAs, per person.

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