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Copywriting training

Writing for marketing communications – copywriting training courses

Learn to write your own high quality marketing collateral, online content and presentations. I can provide one-to-one or group training, focusing on basic principles and techniques for copywriting.

The aim is not to make myself redundant as a professional copywriter. But where budgets are limited, you will have the in-house expertise to write inspiring and effective copy for ads, mailers, sales letters, presentations, emailers, press releases and more. You will also be able to make day-to-day updates to the copy on your website and social media without incurring the cost of a professional writer. And you will learn how to optimise the copy on your site for search engines.

Save time and money. Stay in control of your marketing strategy. Increase motivation and job satisfaction by developing the personal skills and experience of your team.

How it works
Copywriting training is bespoke to your needs and can take place at your offices or at a convenient local venue anywhere in Suffolk, East Anglia or the South East. A typical copywriting training course or seminar will last half a day or a full day and contain a selection of the following modules:

Understanding your target audience
Writing strategies
Writing to inspire
Writing eye-catching headlines and subheads
Writing clearly and concisely
Basic writing techniques
Writing for direct mail and e-marketing
Writing for advertising
Writing for websites, including search engine optimisation techniques
Writing better sales letters and presentations
Writing better press releases and advertising features
Writing newsletters

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